4 Ways to Effectively Eliminate Phlegm


Panu can be removed easily, this is because many products sold in the market that can to eliminate phlegm. However, these products contain chemicals, making it less friendly to the skin. On this occasion we discussed about how to eliminate phlegm naturally. The materials can be found all around us such as garlic, lemon, ginger, and so on.

How to Eliminate Panu

1 Garlic
Garlic is also used to add flavor to a food, it can also eliminate the fungus to the way that is being experienced. How to use it quite easy, first take 1 to 2 cloves garlic, the garlic and cut into 2 parts. Gosokk-rub garlic on the body that there is phlegm. Do this 2 times a day until the fungus Candida albicans fungus can cause flaking.

2 Galangal
Galangal is also included one food seasonings, and this is also one way of eliminating phlegm. Take galangal is still in a fresh state, this is because the fresh galangal contains a lot of water. Then cut the ginger and galangal then apply on the body parts that are phlegm. Perform routine after bathing.

3 Lime and sulfur
Just 1 lemon and a little sulfur. Puree sulfur and then cut lemon into pieces. Dip the parts lemon that has been cut into the subtlety of sulfur and then apply on the body that there is phlegm. Do it after a bath.

4 Starfruit
First puree some starfruit and then mix with water whiting. Mix well and apply on the skin that are phlegm. Perform 2 times daily.

That is 4 to remove phlegm quickly and using natural materials. Do the above on a regular basis to obtain maximum results.


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